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My Last Post

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If you want to see my last post check this youtube link:

Draw My Life

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If you want to see my draw my life 

check this youtube link:

My Sister

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My sister was born on December 6, 1993, it is a coincidence that my sister was born 3 days after they murdered Pablo Escobar and I bother her with that but everything is a joke.

My sister, according to my mother, she was very responsible in school and in high school, when she finished high school she spent a year thinking that she was going to study and then she said air hostess and studied that one semester and then she saw that she He liked to pilot the airplanes himself, and he left stewardess and started to study piloting and in the middle of the race he went to New Zealand to study English, he left for 8 months because he was in New Zealand for 6 months and then he toured Asia in 2 months

When he returned, he returned to the aviation career and now he is finishing and working for Copa Airlines, although he still lives with us.

I Live In Sabaneta

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As it says in the title I live in Sabaneta, for my Sabaneta it is the best place to live in Medellin because everything is very calm and there are never problems. When I arrived in Medellin from Santa Marta and my mom found a nice country house in Sabaneta and at that time I did not have the mobility problem that exists now because before there were not so many people living in Sabaneta and everything was houses until construction companies arrived and they started to build buildings without thinking about the damage they were doing because in the future all roads would be collapsed then all the time there would be traffic and in Sabaneta there are only two roads to Medellin that are Las Vegas and the Main Exit and that's why Sabaneta It's not as good as it used to be but it's the best for me right now

My Pets

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I have 3 pets of which all are dogs, one of them I have in my house because it is a golden retriver and the other two I have in a farm in guatape because one of the ones on the farm is a San Bernardo and is very great to be in a house and the other one who is on the farm is a Siberian wolf and is not in the house because we have not brought it.

My family and I are fans of dogs but cats are not so much because we do not like them except me, I think that all my family has a pet but we are the ones who have the most pets.

I believe that these dogs I love them very much because they have been with us for many years and I took care of them and in general my family took them affection